Paint Kits


  • Basic Underglaze Colors – Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Grey, Beige
  • Bright Underglaze Colors – Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Peach
  • Black Underglaze
  • White Underglaze

Acrylic Paint Kit – 1 oz of each ten different colors.



We offer 2 different kinds of paint.

  • Ceramic Underglazes – are made specifically for decorating pottery for kiln firing. These glazes are food safe. One coat provides transparent coverage, two – three coats give semi opaque to opaque coverage. After you have painted your items, please return them back to the studio so we can glaze and fire your piece. Choose from Basic or Bright colors. Each glaze kit includes 1 ounce of 6 different colors.
  • Acrylic Paint – (non fired option) For decorative purpose only. Acrylic paint is not food safe, and does not get fired in the kiln. You may use acrylics on our decorative ceramics, canvas and wood project bases.
    Acrylic Paint can stain surfaces and clothing. We recommend protecting any surfaces  you will be painting on.

Acrylic paints CANNOT be combined or used with underglaze paints. We will fire pieces only painted with underglaze paints purchased at Artcentric.

Color Palette

Basic Underglaze Colors, Bright Underglaze Colors, Black Underglaze, White Underglaze, Acrylic Paint Kit, Glitter Glue Pen