Kids parties are fun at Artcentric! We provide a hassle-free way to have a birthday party. We set it up and clean it up. Your child and guests will have a wonderfully unique experience and fun memories…


•Happy Birthday Plate – $35 A personalized painted plate for guest to sign
•Balloon bouquet centerpiece $5 per 5 ballons

Reduced Seating * 

DUE TO REDUCED SEATING AND SOCIAL DISTANCING  SPACE IS RESERVED FOR THE PAINTERS AND HOST PARENTS ONLY.  WE WILL NOT BE ALLOWING NON-PAINTERS TO HANG OUT IN THE STORE FOR SAFETY REASONS. Parents are encouraged to drop off party attendees and pick up when the party is over. Please consider booking a private party before or after hours or our Parties To Go option if you wish to have non-painters attend.

I have read and understand the reduced seating requirements